AusAfriTrade brings together influential leaders and decision makers to promote multi-sector business, investment and trade opportunities between Australia and Africa.

The AUS-AFRICA TRADE EXPO is the premier event of the year held annually in Perth to promote African business, exhibitors, leaders, suppliers, buyers and culture in Australia.
As the only African focused business promotion event in Australia, it is proudly supported by the Western Australian State Government, African Heads of Mission in Australia, The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade plus the Australia-Africa Women’s Business Network.

The EXPO focuses on opportunities in the non-extractive industries to unlock a diverse array of untapped business sectors between Australia and Africa. These include agriculture, agroindustry, food processing, aquaculture, fashion, textiles, food products, spices, tourism, arts and crafts, gemstones, communication and information technology (CIT), social services, health services, education including vocational education training, cosmetics, beauty and wellness, blue economy (seafood and fisheries), financial services, infrastructure, and real estate.

The EXPO is especially designed to bring together a cross section of entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, trade bodies, diplomats and policymakers, plus movers and shakers who wish to build connections to fuel national and international trade between Africa and Australia. For two full days, the exhibition becomes a hub of networking and business connections between Australia and Africa.

  • Conference
  • Trade Expo
  • Exhibitions
  • Performances


What makes our Expo different from the rest?

It is a critical platform for PROMOTING:

• Suppliers of African Products in Australia
• Businesses selling African Products in Australia
• Growth of Australian businesses trading with Africa
• People to people relations and cultural diplomacy


You, if you are considering any of the following:

  • Building International Business Relationships
  • Exporting or Importing
  • Finding National or International Partners
  • Finding Potential Investors
  • Finding National or International Agents
  • Finding Local or International Distributors
  • Finding Local or International Representatives
  • Buying an International Franchise
  • Growing tourism between Australia and Africa.

    Gain Knowledge of untapped business and investment opportunities between Australia and Africa;

    Get Involved in local and international business. There has never been a better time to explore opportunities in the extractive industries and beyond and uncover untapped small business sectors;

    Generate Income by participating in the trade expo to showcase and promote your products to interested buyers and the public;

    Get Connected by speed networking with business leaders and decision-makers. Connect, share, collaborate and make plans about how to invest, grow and develop your business;

    Promote Africa in Australia by showcasing business opportunities and cultural activities from your African country; 

    Develop new businesses wanting to connect with Africa and strengthen existing business relations;  

    Connect African Diaspora entrepreneurs with valuable business networks to open up opportunities for international trade;